• The Dehytray: Food drying at its best

You feel a little guilty every time you throw spoiled produce in the compost bin, don’t you?

You know that 815 million people in the world go hungry, and you want to do your part to reduce food waste. You also know that the world’s population is projected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050, and we need a sustainable way to feed the Earth’s booming population.

What’s more, you want to feed your family healthful, nutrient-dense foods that are free from preservatives and added sugars, and you enjoy cooking with foods you grow or hunt.

The answer to these common concerns is food drying—specifically, passive solar food dehydration done by the Dehytray.

Feed your family; feed the world.


What is the Dehytray?

The Dehytray is a light, sturdy, easy-to-use food dehydrator.

The Dehytray capitalizes on passive solar heat to function as a miniature greenhouse and hot air dryer. It dries food quickly, safely, and hygienically, even while requiring no outside energy input.

The award-winning product was developed at Purdue University’s world-class Agricultural & Biological Engineering program. Its technology is guided by years of research on drying fundamentals and small grower needs, followed by testing in several regions of the U.S. and Africa as well as Central Asia. The Dehytray is currently in use on 5 continents.

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Why the Dehytray?

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Our Featured Product: The Dehytray

A solar food-drying solution for home gardeners and small and mid-size produce growers. Dehytray safely and hygienically dries food for home storage or value-added farm sales.

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Our Mission

积极JUA技术是我的使命mpact lives worldwide by improving food security and enhancing profitability in small grower agriculture.

We address 4 key issues with our devices and technologies:
Curbing food loss • Strengthening food security
Enabling food quality • Enabling good nutrition, especially micronutrients and vitamins

We are driven by our mission (not by profit) to create products that easily, sustainably, and hygienically dry fresh foods for safe long-term storageall powered by the sun.

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featured in Fast Company, Smithsonian magazine, American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers

Our Signature Product: The Dehymeleon

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Our products are developed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

Solar drying tray is manufactured in USA